... as you get older, you begin to realize
that it is all about enduring pain

... everyday, the pain is there, yet
you endure through another day, inch by
inch, step by step

... the most heroic endurance I've ever
seen was Shackleton's failed polar expedition,
where he and his men endured, surviving being
shipwrecked in the Arctic

... now that's a great story

... but why do we endure? Why do I get up
every morning, and put my pants on, just to
face another day of aches and pains?

... as mortals, we are doomed to die, yet
we struggle for every inch of life, right
to the very end

... God was smart to build that instinct
for self-survival into people, otherwise
I think many would just give up, lay down,
and die

... just drift off into that hypothermic dream

... I always remember the old saying:
It's easy to die, the hard part is living

... it puts things into perspective, when I think
about my aches and pains, and whether I want to take
another step, or just lay down and take my last

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu