my only real lament

... my only real lament about the time period
in which I'm living, is the almost total
dependence on cars

... I would have preferred a slower, more
ox or mule powered society, but those slower
days are gone forever

... bicycles would have been a good comprimise,
maximum gain from wheels and muscle combining

... but now, you can be anywhere in a day on a fast jet

... the world has shrunk

... I was toying with this idea, wherein we
finally discover anti-gravity, and each of us is
given a lounge chair of our choosing, with
a big plastic bubble around it

... inside we sit, and with the anti-gravity,
our bubble just floats anywhere we want

... eventually, humans would act like flocks of
migrating birds, and all float down south
for the winter, and back up north for
the summers

... assuming our anti-gravity batteries don't
go belly up, we could fly around forever, like
the mythical free bird

... I think a world of Buddhas would be that way,
on the Buddha's home world

... it would be a great children's book,
in any event

... so if anyone actually read this, I hope
you are not haunted by Buddhas in their bubbles,
which look like lotus flowers

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu