does fascism get a bad rap?

... I admit, I've been mentally conditioned as an
American into anti-communist and anti-fascist beliefs

... but the reality is, that America, or more precisely
the Anglo-American Empire, which currently dominates
the world, is, or is close to becoming openly fascist,
in the purest sense of the word

... ever since Bush's great grandpa Prescott, colluded
with Gen. Smedley Butler, to overthrow FDR, in a fascist
coup back in the 1930's, the men of power in the world
realize the benefits of a fascist state. Fascist in the
purist sense, meaning
government is run by the corporations, for the benefit
of the corporations

... then good stuff tends to trickle down to all members
of the corporation

... the country becomes one giant mega-corporation,
the president is the Chairman of the Board, and we
citizens are the stock owners

... what benefits one, benefits all

... you can see that the Anglo-American Empire is run by
a bunch of corporations, who conspire, behind the scenes to
dominate the world

... the catch is that we all benefit from it, and so
many citizens do not want to bite the hand that feeds them,
and so the political charades go on and on

... same with the swastika. Back in the ancient vedic hindu
days, the swastika was a good luck symbol, BUT the
rotation was in the opposite direction

... according to Dostoyevsky, in his book The Idiot,
the Nazi's changed the rotation of the swastika from
rolling left, to rolling right. This was to symbolize
their destiny to roll East and crush Russia.

... that was their change, and lucky for us,
their mistake

... mess with the meaning of ancient symbols at your
own risk

... but to be honest, most Americans today would
be stoutly behind the progressive policies which the
National Socialist Party proposed

... a government pension retirement for everyone,
like social security was concieved under Fascism

... Fascism is like the Brave New World. Corporations
are efficient, let them run things, let the public
benefit from this

... almost everyone of us eats from the corporate
food chain right now

... the question becomes, is your fascism corrupt?,
or does it still have spiritual integrity

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu