praying to Vishnu when it's cold

... when it's cold, and you are freezing your
toes off, it makes you think about God, and
somewhere warm, like your sleeping bag

... but this may be the day the freeze gets me,
so I thank Vishnu for my trip to earth

... I couldn't have been given a better body
and mind, from my perspective

... thanks for the feature where the telomeres
are defended against degradation

... also, thanks for the Time period I was allowed
to exist in. The Age of Kali Yuga sucks, but it
was fun while it lasted for me

... oh, Vishnu, the books about you are right,
and earth is a tough place to be

... no prayer to Vishnu is valid without proper
thanks to Lords Brahma and Shiva

... I thank Brahma for the enlightenment afforded to me

... I pray that when I die, Shiva collects my
soul, for delivery to your prescence

... if I was to leave any last request behind,
it is that everyone in the world become Krishna

... ok, I go into a deep cold sleep now,
it feels so goooood

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu