what? me worry?

... I read a poll today, saying 91% of
Americans don't worry about global warming,
figuring it is out of their control, so
why worry?

... I'm divided myself over whether I should
be happy with the weather

... it's good where I am, so I wonder whether
the rest of the world should be any of my concern?

... besides humanity may make lemonade out
of the problem of climate change, it may all
be part of our evolutionary process

... it may work out, that the human race
will start to really flourish due to the climate

... with an unpredictable weather environment
settling in upon us, the human race may be
saved by industrial farming, a current
Japanese test factory can crank out 30,000
heads of lettuce per day, all robotic,
all hydroponic

... that kind of farming would have added
benefits of being kept clean from outside
bugs and contaminants. It is a fact that you
are more likely to get sick from salad, than
from any other food

... nearby cows poop, and bugs carry it
for miles, to land on the lettuce, later,
to be picked for you.

... That is the way nature works, contamination
is everywhere.

... so industrial farming may actually
be able to feed 9 billion humans, we just
have to get used to the idea of eating it

... the harsh weather may also benefit
humans by forcing them to live indoors,
making the transition to living in outer
space easier for them

... so, all is not doom and gloom, there
is a glimmer of hope on the horizon

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu