the secret agent world

... most of us intellectual types, think that
we have so far evaded the mind-control predicted
by such illustrious books as Brave New World
and 1984

... we think we have our own minds, and we are
doing our own free will, but if you are honest
with yourself, you know that you are confined
to a box, a space-time box

... just like we see rats in a maze, we humans
are caught in a 4 dimensional set of space-time
locations, which we tend to frequent, and hang
out in ... the 4 dimensional set becomes our
box boundaries

... your maze masters do not like unpredictability,
and to really shake up things for the them,
you can do something totally wild and out
of character, like a rat jumping right out of
its maze, and scurrying around on top

... divide by zero :-)

... for instance, jump on a jet for Bali, instead of going
to work this morning, totally unannounced, totally

... challenged for cash, and can't afford a jet to
Bali? Just go out and camp in the woods, or dissappear
into some strange town for a day or 2

... but don't stay in one place for too long, the
maze-masters locate their strays very quickly

... how would you jump out of a 4-dimensional maze?

... there has to be a fifth dimension to all of this

... the fifth dimension, do you dare jump the wall?

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu