the road to Bali

... I read that David Bowie's last request, in
accordance with Buddhist traditions, was for his
body to be creamated and his ashes spread over

... I've read few things about Bali, its history,
its current cultural state, current politics,
but in general, it looks like a beautiful place

... so that's what heaven is for David Bowie,
not a bad choice

... I dream often of what life must have been
like back 5000 years ago, when their civilization
was at its peak

... I read in a book somewhere on the ancient
tribes of the earth, and how they lived

... I remember stories about the tribes,
and the Indonesian island king's central rule
was so strong, and things were so regimented,
that a man could get his hand cut off for touching
the breast of a woman, who was not his wife

... I wouldn't spit on the sidewalk there

... I'm not sure the island I write of was Bali,
but if it wasn't, it was one nearby

... that gets me thinking of my own death,
and whether I should just be buried, or creamated

... Hindus and Buddhists seem to recommend cremation,
but I tend to think that the lowest impact, is
just to bury me in my sleeping bag

... so just think, X number of years from now,
I'll just be laying in my sleeping bag, under
a thick layer of dirt

... and no, don't look for me to crawl out of
the grave, or do anything spectacular, as my
bones turn into calcium remains, and return
to earth everything I ever was

... a sobering thought, if there ever was one

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu