form is emptiness

... I've never quite grasped the buddhist concept
that form is emptiness, and I've thought
about it alot

... the closest scientific type of answer I've
found, is the belief amoung some advanced
astrophysicists, that our souls are information
trapped on the surface of a blackhole. The
blackhole is illuminated by an unknown light
source from above, which projects our conciousnesses
into a 4 dimensional reality, inside the blackhole.

... conciousness in a 4D reality is like laser-generated
true 3D television, but only in a 4 dimensional set,
which we call reality

... few people appreciate the true power that conciousness
gives to us, the power to create in the material world

... the Milky Way is spiraling inwards toward a blackhole
at it's center, and most certainly our information will
be left on the surface, as our matter disintegrates
into the hole

... some mathematician just proved that information would
stay on the surface of the blackhole

... form is emptiness

... most likely it means that we seem solid, because of
electromagnetic forces, but the distance between atom
nucleii in our bodies, is so large, that it is like
the distance from the Sun to the Earth, in scale.
So neutrinos pass thru us like we were panes of crystal
clear glass

... so even our bodies are mostly empty space

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu