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... I normally don't write twice in a day, but
an article I read on indiadivine.org, kind of
tweaked my ire

... the article is about a current attack
on the Vedas, claiming that they condone
meat eating and the killing of cows

... I was raised a Roman Catholic, found
Zen Buddhism, and now I'm led to the greatest
book of all, the Srimad Bhagavatam, which
explains it all, if your mind is receptive

... the best way I can describe the gods, goddesses,
and God, is that they are forces of conciousness,
far superior to ours

... the SB says the yajna's or sacrifices,
were meant to restore the body of the sacrificial
animal to a youthful state

... the yajna's were not meant to be a general
condoning of animal killing

... I find that religions, whose people eat
the flesh of other animals, are always trying
to discredit any claims that meat-eating is wrong

... so, they discredit the civilization, which
produced the idea

... believe me, the Vedic civilization of the old
Indian subcontinent puts us to shame. They ruled
the world before the West ever awoke from its slumber
to the Age of Enlightenment

... even Christians try to get around the 5th
Commandment, Thou shalt not kill.

... they make every excuse in the book, from
some Council of Whatever , who said,
some long years after Jesus was gone, that man has
total dominion over other animals, and thus meat
eating is ok. Totally ignoring the 5th Commandment

... and it's no wonder that the West and all meat
eating civilizations have become the most warlike
and potentially destructive ever on earth

... I interpret the Original Sin from the Bible,
to be: eating from the tree of life,
in other words, don't eat things which have

... God dosn't want barbeques in the Garden of Eden

... Prabupada says that closing the slaughterhouses
is the best step any nation can take toward
bringing peace to itself

... but, Vishnu also allows for a free will, so
if you desire to eat meat, feel free, that is what
the laws of karma, and castes, are for

... so, the Srimad Bhagavatam does not sanction
meat eating, but you also have a free will

... we are no longer in the ages of old, the Bronze,
Silver, and Gold Ages. We now live in the Age of Iron,
Kali Yuga.

... in Kali Yuga, we fight battles in our own minds,
and this meat-eating thing is a big one we all contend with

... and the karma haunts us all

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu