is the Big One really coming?

... as a young hippie, I used to scream about
the military-industrial complex, and the way it
was taking over every aspect of life

... It became the bossman to us all

... but now, it seems, that the ultimate fear
that we all have had, from the MI Complex, that
of a World War 3, may be in fact manifesting itself

... sh*t! I don't want to die in a World War 3.
For what? Is Krishna fighting in the battle?

... the rapid integration of the space age, with
technology advancements have given the human
race extraordinary powers in a very short period
of Time

... the earth will probably be decimated by
our own weapons, used against ourselves

... human race commits suicide, in giant fireball
conflagration ... survivors plead to God for help

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu