technology without wisdom is suicide

... the title is a quote by an author called
Mike Adams, on

... he also says
"Humanity is going to destroy itself anyway"

... the article is about how the earth desperately
needs population reduction, and how the governments
of the world, are likely to accomplish it

... accomplish it, either openly, like with birth
control incentives, or covertly thru war, disease,
and famine

... in any event, he predicts a worldwide 50% population
reduction, within the next 50 years

... the big merry-go-round we all live on is

... our lusts and passion for sex have brought
upon us, the karmic payback

... what really scares me, is the fact that
the gods seem to agree; humans have wantonly f*cked
way too much, without the conventional controls
of high infant mortalities

... it is going to take some Supreme Wisdom
at the top, to guide the earth thru the coming mess

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu