millions in space

... today I read about the dream of a modern
rocket pioneer,
to put millions of people into space

... I don't know if I want to part of the spaceage
bunch, in all honesty

... sure, mining asteroids for precious minerals,
or manning military bases on the moon or Mars,
might sound exciting at first, but it comes with
a whole boatload of difficulties

... there was an Sean Connery outerspace movie
about it, where he was a government marshall
trying to stomp out drug use in the asteroid mining

... I sure wouldn't want to die in space, it's either
so f'ing cold or hot

... earth is nice, and until I am instructed otherwise
by Vishnu, I should stay right here, on the planet I
was designed for

... so next time you here about space, think about it

... would you leave the planet earth, to live in a
harsh environment forever?

... Outer Space sounds like Hell to me, Inner Space is
much more appealing.

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu