the learned goat speaks

... I must repeat a story about Lord Shiva,
his wife Sati, and her father Daksa

... Daksa was made in charge of alot
of creation, but didn't like his son-in-law
Shiva, because he showed up at parties
and dinners looking unkept, and acting
like he didn't give a damn

... so Sati was not allowed to go to
her father's house, not even to see her sisters
and mother

... in the mean time, Daksa is bad-mouthing Shiva
all over town

... at one festival, Sati snuck in alone,
and ended up committing public suicide to spite her father

... then Shiva in revenge for not getting respect
from his father-in-law, and for not getting his share
of the festival's sacrifice, sends in a horde of
demons who cut off Daksa's head and replace it with
a goat's head

... Sati reincarnated again as the daughter Durga of
the king of the Himalayas, and she went right back
and married Shiva again, saying she couldn't
possibly marry anyone else

... so, a happy ending for everyone, except
for old Daksa, the father-in-law, whose was
left with a goat's head, but glad to be alive

... My studies taught that Vishnu is the top
entity, but Brahma and Shiva, are so close that
it is like the difference between milk and
yogurt, and when you praise Shiva or Brahma,
you actually praise Vishnu, which I do now,
by chanting to the glory of it all

... now Prabupada teaches that only a fool
would sing to Shiva or Brahma, when you
can sing directly to Vishnu and Krishna

... that is what the Krishna chant is all about

... chanting the name of the highest God there is,
is all you need to do

... but I like Shiva, he is the most powerful
destructive force there is, yet he knows the
truth of what this world of ours is really all
about, so he is burdened by it

... and Daksa, that is a lesson for puffed up

... the big lesson from the Srimad Bhagavatam
regarding the story, is this: even if you
put a goats head on a man, the man's soul
has not changed, so he will still be the same man,
the same man's soul just now with a goat's head

... what's my end in all of this? The SB
says that anyone who knows or repeats this story,
gets good benefits from Above

... the lesson for the modern world? It probably
has to do with modern chimera research, they
say the first human head transplant is only
a few years away

... I wouldn't be surprised if some Dr. Frankenstein
somewhere is already putting rabbit heads on cats

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu