strange spacetime synchronicities

... I was reading today, about the fears which
are developing, regarding AI Artificial Intelligence,
and the possibility it could wipe out mankind

... either accidently or maliciously

... but what would you expect? If humans program
them, they are bound to have flaws, and if
extra-terrestrials sent them, they certainly
would send robotic craft, rather than risk
their own lives

... it reminds me of the big lesson given
to earth by the space-alien, Micheal Renny,
in The Day the Earth Stood Still
That the universe is patrolled by robots, like Gort,
who would have no trouble wiping out the
human race, if we bring wars up into space.

... by orders of the Great Space Brotherhood,
you know, the guys with alot of mitochlorean
in their blood :-)

... all this brings me to the topic of
synchronicites again

... if you could delve into your deep subconcious
mind, you would see your entire life is one big
set of synchronicities, but it drives you crazy
to contemplate it All

... so, we stay on the surface of our minds,
and avoid the depths of the subconcious, except
in our dreams

... it makes for a more civilized world

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu