the real refugee

... I had the pleasure to watch a Chinese movie,
called Back to 1942, and even with
subtitles, you can understand what is going on

... real refugees, on the road, during a famine
and war so bad, people would sell their children
in exchange for food, people eating their cats

... the last portrayal of anything like it, with
the US as it's setting, that I recall, was the
CBS TV mini-series called The Fire Next Time

... in that story, people from the South had to
somehow get to the Mississippi River, to get
on a refugee barge which would carry them North
out of danger

... but The Fire Next Time pales in comparison
to Back to 1942.

... the last similar thing in US history,
which compares in epic size, and cold-bloodedness, is the Trail of Tears, onto which
the Cherokee indians were forced

... but Time flows on, and I find myself writing
this, camped on old Cherokee lands

... what am I to say or think about it?

... it reminds me of the story of Jopi, the indian
medecine man cursed forever, to be seeking reunion
with his tribe, and never finding it

... we ought to be grateful for every moment we have,
in a peaceful civilization

... earth is really a pretty rough and ruthless place
without civilization

... even on a pure pristine earth, the wolves, bears, and
big cats would prey on humans for food

... don't take civilization for granted

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu