thinking like a kid again

... I was reading about the controversey
over citizen's rights to shoot down drones
hovering over their lands

... not to get into the legalities of it all,
but if you were going to get serious about
shooting down a drone, why not use mini-rockets?

... forget the gun, you want infrared guided

... when I was a kid, I was the first on my
block to build and fire some of those Estes brand
hobby rockets, which used to be advertised
in the back of all the kid's magazines

... solid-fuel rockets, some multi-stage,
which zoomed from a battery powered launch

... now, I'm thinking, why not add modern
microprocessors, to make high-tech versions
of these old toys?

... put an M-80 on top of them, and launch
at the drone, using heat-seeking infrared guidance,
and explodes on g-force impact

... just imagine, step out onto your porch,
aim, and fire from the convenient 2 inch tube

... then watch modern technology at work

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu