noblesse oblige

... Noblesse Oblige, the Obligation of the
Nobility, was my school's motto

... and once again, we need the nobility
to live up to its obligations

... ultimately the obligation of the
nobility is to ensure that the will of
Vishnu is done

... Vishnu is the highest God we see,
in the material world. Vishnu is what we see
as the emanation from Krishna from the spiritual worlds

...Vishnu controls the mode of goodness

... considering the future we are presented
with for the human race, of global over-population,
climate change, and limited resources like
food and water, something must be done,
and we must start planning now

... there will be 9 billion starving, thirsty
people distributed all over the globe, and the
earth will finally start to bake, after all the
polar ice has melted

... I suggest we need to start getting people
used to food we can produce in mass quantities
in big tanks and vats, like nutritional yeast
and spirulina

... believe it, yeast are miniature
animal cells and spirulina are plant cells

... so eating some yeast, gives you they same
proteins you get from meat, without the bad karma
of killing an animal

... I'm a vegetarian, and sometimes think about
killing millions of yeast, so I can have a tasty
bowl of rice

... we escape bad karma, because of the scales of reality

... all the yeast knows is that something happened,
and they are no more, just food for the belly
of mankind

... it was their destiny from time they were created

... spirulina is usually around 50% high quality
plant protein and full of chlorophyll, so if you
sprinkle just a spoonfull or 2, of both nutritional
yeast and spirulina, into your rice and beans,
you have a very tasty dish, that will keep you
alive, cheap

... the real reason the middle class is being
destroyed, forcing us all into a common impoverished
lower class state, is that with 9 billion people,
it's better for the planet if everyone leads
poor quiet lives

... it is estimated that it would take the resources
of 9 planets, to give everyone on earth the rich lifestyle
to which we all aspire

... you can't make everyone rich, but you
can make everyone poor, and that will lead
to a defacto classless society

... a classless society except for the nobility,
who are in a class by themselves, and who are
supposed to do the will of Vishnu

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu