gloom and doom

... the media and my thoughts are just filled
with gloom and doom

... today, the problem with the volcanoes,
and what will happen when the next one
inevitably blows

... it's a
planet we live on now

... what scares me even more, is that military
leaders are talking about using tactical nuclear
weapons again

... they got us used to the idea of low levels
of radiation floating around, but at levels
so low, there's no need to worry

... so a distant nuke or 2 could be tolerated
by the public

... scary eh? Better off worrying about a volcano
blowing, and all the toxic stuff spewed
into the air by an event like that

... it's always about doom and gloom, the inevitable
end to the great run this modern world has had

... I don't mind facing human extinction, because
I don't think it will ever actually happen

... the human on earth is part and parcel of
God's plan, and it is not going to be destroyed
unless God wants it done, then nothing can stop it

... the Vedas of Krishna Consciousness say that
this age will last another 4 billion years or so

... that is not to say that human civilization as
it currently stands, will survive, who knows?
We may get thrown back into the stone ages, or,
we may go star trek

... but there will always be humans around, they
are very adaptable

... the real worry is whether you are going to get
into heaven, when you die as a human?

... dead, no matter what the cause, man-made or celestial

... so what's the use in worrying, cause nothings
gonna change, so pack up your troubles in your old
kit bag, and smile, smile smile

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu