my solution to the homeless problem

... I've had to campout alot during my stay
on earth, and I understand what it takes
to survive outside cheaply

... did you ever stick a hot air blower
into your sleeping bag, and just feel the warmth
fill up the bag? It's a great feeling when
it's 15 degrees Farenheit outside.

... so I propose a movable truck based, propane
powered, hot air source

... they would pull into parking lots, or wherever
was convenient, and deliver warm dry air thru long
flexible tubes... like the tubes on the giant car
vacuums at the coin operated car wash

... and just like a car wash, they could possibly
charge for the hot air, like a quarter per hour,
2 bucks a night? That's possible to obtain
thru begging, and if not, then City Services.

... the outdoor sleepers would each get a mummy
style bag, with a hot air input tube, so that
as you lay in your mummy bag, hot dry air is
constantly flowing around inside the bag

... the same principle would work for cooling
in the summer heat too, but Winter is where it
really counts as a matter of life and death

... so there is my contribution to humanity,
finally after all these years of gestating,
the cheapest way to help the homeless stay
warm ... the idea is born

... my life's purpose, is now fulfilled, allowing
me the option to return to my home world :-)

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu