way back, or way way back

... I was raised a Roman Catholic, with Jesus
and all that, and after a tour of zen-buddhism
I came to Krishna Consciousness

... that made me consider, which of the 3 major
religions, Islam, Christianity, or Krishna,
have the oldest books

... I mean everyone thinks the truth is back in
the past, and the older texts are supposedly better
and wiser... I liked the Essenes

... The Bible was mostly written by Greeks
200 years after Christ's death, and has had
it's meaning warped over the years to suit
the needs of popes and kings

... so the Koran is around 630 AD, and the Bible
is roughly 200 AD, but the Srimad Bhagavatam
is roughly 3000 BC

... so it is clear, that the oldest word
of God, was presented to the Vedic cultures thousands
of years BC

... Krishna Concsiousness considers both Jesus and
Mohammed as being prophets

... you can almost see Christianity and Islam being
spin-offs of the original Vedic religions of the
great empires down there in India and Indonesia

... Krishna Consciousness also clearly explains
the true nature of material reality

... Krishna Consciousness also does not require
the death of our Lord ... we don't or would not
even honor a God who lets himself be hung on a
cross, when with His transcendental powers would
set all things righteous just with His glance

... and now after my years of re-learning about
God, and what this world is all about, all I can
say is:

... Trikapalam, Lord Vishnu

... it's all an enlightened mortal can say

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu