are sports a waste of time?

... I was raised on sports, and probably could
have been a sports star, if given the proper
training and environment

... as I seek enlightenment, I have little
interest in daily sports scores, who the
hot players are, etc, etc

... but I do fondly remember playing sports
as a kid, whether it be, 5 on 5 baseball ( with
right field automatically out ), or street hockey
played in tennis shoes and using tennis balls

... it just felt great to compete, just for
bragging rights and status amoung the neighborhood

... I mean sports are useless when it comes to
practical living. A lot of time wasted, alot
of useless minor injuries, and many concussions

... maybe on earth sports is useless, but I think in
heaven, that is posssibly what one does with
time, play sports with Krishna

... the one thing sports does encourage, it is to
be competitive, always wanting to win

... and the crowd roars, as I hit that
walkon homerun, in the 9th

... of course the Aztecs used to sacrifice the
winners of their games, to the gods, so the gods
could play with them

... it may have paid to be a loser, back then,
in the Aztec rule

... I think playing baseball with Krishna, would
be a great way to spend eternity

... I wonder if I can get Bob Gibson as my pitcher? :-)

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu