Happy New Year

... yeah, it's 2016, it feels so different,
yet basically the same

... everyone's biological clock has ticked off
another year, in our minds anyways

... funny, when it comes right down to it,
Time is everything, so thank whatever God
you have, for giving you more Time

... and on into 2016 we go, I see pictures
of proposed moon-bases, made by giant 3d-printer
robots, which suck in moon dust, add some
glue, and out comes solid shelters for the
harsh moon environment

... I mean if you were basically an indoor
person anyways, what difference would it
really be, from being confined in a series
of high rise towers on earth, or confined
to a few domes on the moon? Not much, especially
if there was beer, pizza, and sex going on

... one thing that would be great about it,
is that you would only weigh 1 fifth as much
as you do on earth ... that would be nice for
bouncing and jumping around

... just one more benefit of your new fully
furnished moon-base house, be fat but feel
like a lightweight

... full laser beam connections to earth,
so watch tv, send out videos, do work and
schooling over the network. Never having
to leave home

... ok, so sometimes you have to go outside
and fix the robots, on occaision

... plus, if you signup now, you will get a
free 1-way trip to your fabulous new moon-base
home, as our gift

... as the French saying goes:
the more things change,
the more they stay the same

... it's 2016, whoopie

© 2016 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu