goodbye 2015

... with nothing else to do, I figure
I would write down some last thoughts
on 2015

... Putin likes Trump, and if that accord
could be brought onto the world stage,
problems will get solved

... now, instead we get the eternal war
on terror, and as it turns out, the terrorists
are us, just like Pogo predicted

... the advice I'm given, is to make Vishnu
happy, and since Vishnu is the Maintainer and
Controller of our material existence, that usually
brings good fortune

... Vishnu is serviced by Laksme , the Goddess of
Fortune and Luck

... so please Vishnu, and fortune and luck
come your way

... wise monks know enough not to abuse the

... I suppose the biggest bit of enlightenment
I encountered in 2015 was an understanding of
how cosmic rays affect the earth's weather

... the Maunder Minimum and all that

... it's quite mind blowing to see what is going
on on such a huge scale, we are just dust in the
cosmic wind

... big solar systems are not that hard to understand,
everything acts like a big magnet, and huge magnetic
fields cover the invisible cosmic skies

... we are goners without them

... you have to be a very brave person, to not
believe in a God, and the lower gods and goddesses

... to encounter a goddess of fortune, one of Laksme's
maidens, is the best thing that can happen to
a mortal man

... but it still is a trap, all the illusion
of Maya, to keep our fubar'd souls here in the
material world, where we can do no long term harm
to the cosmos in general

... Vishnu is very smart, don't think you can outwit
the mind of God

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu