the heroic astronaut

... when you watch the media, everything about
astronauts, is shrouded in the myth of heroism
and some kind of national honor

... I read today that China has now created
a new military service branch ,,, space soldier

... the conspiracy groups have been pointing to
the existence of a secret star wars program

... if you had a submarine which flew in space,
armed for warfare, how could you hide from the eyes
of all the stargazers out there

... you would wait on the far side of the moon,
until signaled to swoop in on the enemy from

... just like star wars

... I saw a quote on some webpage today it said:
Satan does not want peace

... so the evil in this world, are those who
promote breaking the peace

... I guess if the war got bad enough, I would,
even as an old man, be conscripted to fly
Kamakaze Space missions

... the Divine Wind in outer space, the Cosmic Wind

... recent scientific probes have shown that outside
our sun's solar system, way past Pluto, is a river of
high energy particles ... I wonder where it all goes?

... so our solar system, is like a little safe
harbor, for us humans to breed and become aware on

... become aware of what? How truly small and puny
we are as humans, yet how truly huge when you consider
the extent of the eternal soul

... infinity is a long time

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu