the inevitable death watch

... we live for such a short time as humans
on earth, it seems like a long time for some,
but is less than a blink of the eye on the
cosmic scale

... we are like little firebugs, briefly flashing
thru Time, lighting up earth, with our
dreams and past-times

... no matter how miserable a situation you
might find yourself in, it could be worse,
alot worse

... most people have minimal food, water, and
safe places to sleep. We are to be considered
lucky, just to have come thru earth at this point
in spacetime

... life wasn't that good in the good old days.
There was more disease, fires, accidental deaths, and
poor diets than we ever see today. People were lucky
to live to be 40, and that's why humans start f*cking
as teens ... we know we could be dead by 40

... modern medecine sure has upset the apple cart
as far as genetic evolution goes, interfering in
the natural death process of almost all humans, and
thus our evolution as a species

... scourges like TB, Yellow Fever, Malaria used to
weaken and kill many people

... still now, fast lives, over-consumption, and
general laziness threaten the species

... it was a hard road for me to learn the truth
about human existence, I don't think I ever would
want to chance it again

... so goodbye Betty, goodbye Veronica, I was
glad to have had the pleasure of your acquaintences

... I still havn't chose between the two, as to
who is my favorite. It gives me endless hours of

... Fortuntely, in the Age of Kali Yuga, our
thoughts don't count against us, only our actions do.

... so, just be grateful for what you got, no matter
how much suffering it entails

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu