a tweet to a new bird

... I was lucky enough to talk to some relatives
over Christmas, long lost ones, and I needed to
convey the most important wisdom I could think of

... I don't really remember what I said exactly,
but the gist of it was to prepare for great turmoil
towards 2040 and onwards, as the population bomb
explodes on an overheated planet

... I also tried to push the topic of Operations
Research and Matrix Mechanics as something extremely
valuable to learn

... and I seem to remember, telling her that her
best option is Krishna Conciousness, but everyone
has a free will

... what would you say to a very young relation,
to give the best advice to survive the coming decades,
all in a 5 minute phone conversation? Must be succinct.

... first and foremost, the ultimate goal is to push
those lithuanian x-chromosomes forward, and survive
into the future, get a job, marry a rich guy

... get situated where there is water and food,
and have babies

... even though the future of earth definitely
sucks, there is the primordial urge to keep the
genetic line going

... lithuanians have some pretty good genes

... may your telomeres remain long and strong,
and may your brain stay strong too

... what good's a body without a brain?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu