back to reality: it's weird

... as one approaches the enlightened state, I find
myself seeing all events as being the simultaneous
representation of the time equation solving itself

... the equation must be balanced, and I'm part of it,
like a wave moving ever forward

... so when I watch the news reports fly by, I
correlate them as having a connected meaning in my
own personal spacetime journey

... almost a feeling of I am the world, at any instant

... all events seem to have deep Jungian connection to
my ultimate existence, so that even an earthquake on
the other side of the world, has meaning to me on my path

... ultimately, all things are part of a great unified
oneness called cosmic existence

... bigger than your room, bigger than the earth, bigger than
the Milky Way, and the the super-galactic cluster,
and whatever-else-bigger-there-is

... it's big, and it extends far into the past and flows
constantly toward the future

... your cosmic existence as a child of the universe, an
eternal soul

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu