the syndicate

... very seldom do I see a movie anymore,
with a plot line that surprises me, but
the latest Mission Impossible movie,
Rogue Nation certainly did

... in it, Tom Cruise finally discovers
who the evil Syndicate is, only to be informed
that it was them, his employers, who are the
Syndicate, and that he, should just accept
his fate and die now, to silence him

... Cruise is portrayed as an American James Bond

... the movie also has cleverly built-into the
plot, just about every 9-11 conspiracy out there,
making it seem almost plausible, confirming
our own suspicions about recent events of great

... I know that watching TV is a real addiction

... it takes you to another space and time
far quicker than any music does

... so Mr. Phelps, where ever you are,
may you be beat the bad guys, and make the world safe
for hot chicks

... so I can watch movies about it, and report
to God that heroism still exists in the human spirit

... Hare Krishna to Jesus on Christmas Day

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu