lay me some pipe

... I was daydreaming I was the good king,
and asked myself, what is the real top priority?

... I thought to myself, water, fresh water needs
to be moved around in great quantities

... I don't need your tar sands oil, I need your
Great Slave Lake water

... just think of all the jobs laying pipe, and
no one would care if some pipeline spilled fresh
water on their lands

... some CIA report awhile back, said that eventually,
the wars will be over water, who controls the
world's watersheds

... I find the good king and the gods tend to
see things the same

... water water everywhere, but not a drop
to drink

... so with such a warm christmas everywhere,
don't complain there is rain instead of snow,
because at least the rain is water,
warm water here

... I love standing out in the warm clean rain

... the lightening and thunder of the rain
storms makes me think of the Trikapalam
benediction I requested yesterday, to
purify the entire spacetime scenes I

... as if every lightening flash is bad karma
being disapated out of the past few day's events

... the storm itself, is just a big energy beast
hungry for bad karma

... the rain washing the sins away

... I imagine myself petting the storm's head,
thinking nice storm, good boy, stay away from

... the Srimad Bhagavatam says that actually chanting
the names of God is not always needed, for some,even
just thinking the thoughts of God brings the spirit of
Vishnu in, and makes you God-Concious

... and the good devotee just tries to stay God-Concious
100% of the time, just by always thinking, in the back of
the concious mind, how does God see all this?

... so, stay God-Concious

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu