never taunt the gods

... after my holiday solstice partying, I must
attempt to invoke the great benediction of
Vishnu, Trikapalam

... it asks that Vishnu purify all things which
have happened, negating the bad karma. Then after
the purification, may all recent actions be made
pleasing to all of the 3 worlds ... ours, the world
above, and the world below

... one good piece of advice is never taunt the
gods. Even if you don't believe in conciousnesses
more advanced than us, the gods, never cast
aspersions or challenges their way

... they often tend to send a message back,
which always restores your faith in something
bigger and more mysterious, than one can imagine

... again, never taunt the gods

... so Vishnu, I a humble monk on the path
to Goloka, ask that I have my karmic infractions

... I reject the touchstone, and seek to chant
the name of God

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu