having both space and time

... it's another rainy night in Georgia thanks to
the El Nino weather pattern

... would you come back from the dead, and go
thru an entire human life, just to experience
one more rainy night in Georgia?

... that old version by Brooke Benton always
brings tears to my eyes

... but would you go thru the agony of another
human lifetime, if you were given the opportunity
not to?

... that is the ultimate question, when you die,
are you so attracted to another human existence
that you might choose it over an entrance to heaven

... the Tibetan Book of the Dead says that when you
die, the very first thing you will be offered is a
chance to go to the pure energy spirit world, to be
with Vishnu and possibly Krishna

... if you don't take the opportunity, to go into heaven,
you will get the oppotunity to come back to earth, or
maybe even another planet, but once again in the material world

... we stay here until we desire the perfection of
Krishna more than human life

... so until then, we sit in the material world,
trapped by gravity, confined by Higgs Bosons,
and forced to move thru Time

... having space without Time is useless,

... Time allows for change to happen, and as the
Srimad Bhagavatam teaches, Time is God, and
we are nothing without It

... so on the winter solstice, I give praise to
the sun god, for bringing me this rainy night
in Georgia

... to be, or not to be, still is the ultimate question

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu