the gods are trying to keep the peace

... when you look at how frail this planet really
is, as we float helplessly along thru spacetime,
one cannot be but amazed at how life actually
succeeds on the suface, in the air world

... a well-founded discovery claims that all
humans are genetically related thru an original
9 females in Africa, millions of years ago,
when they were the sole survivors of a cosmic

... a neutron beam event, where a distant
star collapses, emitting a neutron beam laser
which pierces right thru spacetime, destroying
all biological life in it's path

... if it hits the planet, only deep sea life,
survives, everything unprotected dies from
radiation damage.

... those 7 lucky females were in a cave underground,
as the neutron beam flashed across earth

... I understand that these neutron beam events
are going off all the time, and was even rated
as the number 1 most likely way for a megadisaster
to hit ... that professor Neils DeGrasse Tyson said
that on a TV special awhile back

... I guess it pays to hang out in caves :-)

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu