where am I ?

... as I sit and meditate, with a clear mind,
I like to ask myself where am I?

... I find myself confined to a material body.
This sack of atoms, is further confined to an
extremely thin habitable zone on a giant watery
rock floating in space, called earth.

... the earth is warmed by a giant nuclear fireball
called the sun, and the sun drags the earth and
a few other giant rocks, in a spiraling path
thru spacetime

... our little solar system joins other matter,
and together, we spiral towards a black hole,
which is the glue holding together the Milky Way,
our galaxy.

... there is a quantity, which we call Time, which
is so mysterious, even the greatest scientists
cannot understand it

... it seems like we know where we are, but we are

... fortunately, I am not alone in my sack of atoms,
my paramatma is in here with me

... my paramatma tells me that there is hope, and
that my current confinement is only temporary,
eventually I will die, and the trip will be over

... even though I have a sense of self-preservation,
I find myself looking forward to death

... earth is becoming increasingly uninhabitable,
and I look forward to checking out

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu