the 3 modes

... as I read further into the Srimad Bhagavatam,
I come to understand that Shiva's camp is about
as high as you can get on earth

... Shiva's home in the transcendental realm
is called Kailasa Hill ... as close to Eden as
one can get on earth

... Shiva, the Great Destroyer, is as close to
Vishnu, as one can get on earth.

... I sit in Shiva's camp, right now. I yearn to
continue forward to Goloka, but still, I am
in Shiva's camp

... Prabhupada says that Shiva is so close to
Vishnu, that the difference is similar to
that between milk and yoghurt ... essentially
the same stuff, yet different

... Shiva is easily pleased, but also easily
offended ... he sits as witness to the
treks our souls take thru the material world

... Shiva will always say, do not worship him,
although he has the utmost power, and he will
point all souls toward Krishna

... I kind of feel sorry for Shiva, because he
knows about Krishna, yet his duty is here, in
the material world ... to help us get to Krishna

... in the material world, there are 3 modes
of existence. The modes of goodness, passion,
and ignorance

... the names are self-explanatory, and all
people fall into one of those 3 catagories

... to attain liberation from earth, one must
be in the mode of goodness

... the mode of passion is Brahma's way of bringing
ideas and things into this world, Brahma is both
Shiva's father and mother, yet Shiva is more
auspicious than Brahma

.. the mode of ignorance is obvious to those
not in that mode, just people in the mindless
pursuit of pleasure

... the problem with the mode of passion is that
it can lead to unexpected outcomes, as passion does
that to people

... so, what mode are you in?

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If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu