... in the Halloween spirit, lets consider
the biggest monster on earth

... the top predator, master of the domain

... us, the human beings

... we are causing the extinction of all
sorts of species due to our overdevelopment

... to further horrify you, with the advance
of genetics, and medical knowledge, it is estimated
that our physical entities, our actual physical
bodies, are only 10% human genetic material.
The rest of our weight comes from all the water,
bacteria, food, waste, garbage, and whatever else
mysteriously goes on in our bodies... giving us
energy and life

... a dead body is a strange thing. Once the
soul leaves, the motive force leaves the body,
and there is a significant difference between
the dead flesh, and living creature

... we immediately start to decompose, no longer
given anymore Time from Vishnu. When the soul goes,
the force that holds us together, and gives us
free-will thru space-time, goes, and we decompose

... that is who Lord Shiva really is, the collector
of souls, the destroyer of your material existence

... according to Vedic knowledge, Shiva comes at
sunset, to collect all the souls who died that day

... happy halloween

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu