the mass confinement of humans

... an article I just perused claims
that humans were not meant to be part
of earth ... we were placed here as
prisoners by a higher species

... and we are to be confined here, until
we learn to behave, and be peaceful

... it will probably take forever, even
the gods have probably given up on us

... I report this, because the
Srimad Bhagavatam, and Krishna Conciousness
in general, makes the same claim:
our souls are here as a test and a learning
experience for the soul
... it's called learning about karma

... now karma is something that extends over
Time, it's not an immediate cause and effect,
although, at times, for some people, it is

... the best translation of what karma means,
coming from the Buddha, is not direct cause and
effect, but rather:
This arises, That becomes

... but ultimately, no matter how many souls
are affected by the ramifications of our
actions, karma eventually returns to the source

... a Christians might say:
you sew what you reap,
instead of
you reap what you sew

... a subtle but profound difference

... another one of the claims made by the same
article, as proof that humans were not
evolved on earth, is the human head is too
big for painless easy births

... humans are the only species like that,
although I can't see why what planet you are
on changing anything in that regards.

... we need big heads to think, heads which
can span time, and understand longterm
karmic effects

... a brain to grasp the concepts of soul and eternity

... so why does the Supreme Conciousness
keep us here on earth learning about
karma? Because in the spirit dimensions,
if you even think a thought, it manifests

... we must be taught to control our thoughts
and desires, otherwise we cannot enter the heavens

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu