a world of the lesser of two evils

... a friend of mine said that this life here was
Hell, but I said, no, for me, it's more of a Purgatory,
... cleansing me of my last desires for earth

... I attributed the differences in our perceptions
to meat eating, he does, I don't

... I was reading some old Esseene writing, and
it said that meat causes Satan to enter you,
and excite the animal desires ... they called
it the quickening, wherein things seem
to be going fast, very fast

... faster than your poor human brain can react
to, so that ultimately, there is bad karma

... the quickening is intoxicating and addictive,
people riot when they can't get meat

... eating meat brings animal karma, into
humans who eat it, and the result is almost
always bad

... I ate plenty of meat in my life, so I'm
no veggie nut case, but now that I've stopped,
I see the difference

... I see the whole world
turn into a karmic obstacle course for those
who eat meat, one problem after another, it
never ends
... those are the meat gremlins taunting you,
making you pay, for the sin of killing an animal,
to satisfy your tastebuds or ego

... it pays karmically, healthwise, and budget-wise,
to not eat meat

... of course, in times of emergency, when you
need the quickening effects of flesh eating,
you can even eat a dog if you want

... it's the lesser of two evils

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu