thoughts on the next big one

... if it ain't the Ort Cloud, it's something else,
something else that is going to kill us all

... news abounds about all the new weaponery
that would be deployed in a world war. It is not
going to be like WW2, where we are somehow
safe over here, on the US mainland, as the
fighting goes on elsewhere.

... the scariest weapon I've read about, is
essentially underwater drones, which carry
H-bombs to each coastal target, undetected,
crawling along the ocean floor

... the US has admitted to having cruise missles,
which sit underwater, off the shores of our
adversaries, just waiting to be activated

... that means they could pop out of the water,
and fly below radar, to blow up anything it

... H-bombs going off underwater, just offshore,
would create devasting tidal waves all along
the coasts, and would stop shipping in or out

... just sayin: For as much as people claim
to want WW3, to want to blow the sh*t out of
this decadent civilization, in a climactic fit
of rage, you really wouldn't want it, if
it ever did happen
... just sayin...

... the living will envy the dead, those who
went quick

... I pray I die before it happens. I want
a world where there is no war.

... how did the peoples of Earth, get so
f*cked up, that we need wars, constant
wars to survive?

... the women blame the men, and the men
counter with: behind every man there is a woman

... I wonder what Bruce Jenner would say?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu