the world seems like a big place

... when you come into the world, and are young,
the earth seems immense, full of far-away places

... as you get older, the world starts to shrink,
as you begin to see how everything is inter-connected
on the planet, and anywhere is less than
a day's plane ride away

... the earth now looks so small, that it appears
to be a precarious place, an onion thin blanket
of atmosphere, full of polluting people

... in reality, our situation on earth, is alot
like that of the migrant boat people trying to cross
the Mediterranean in flimsy rubber inflatable boats

... we could capsize without being given warning

... no warnings, except for those, who, year after year,
have been saying the earthship to top-heavy with
uncontrollable people

... to compound the problem, space scientists have
determined that as our solar system oscillates around
a dark matter disk, which is what holds the
visible Milky Way together, periodically we pass thru
the disk itself, like going thru the zero point on the X-Axis of Reality

... as a consequence of this, every so many millions
of years, earth gets bombarded with comets and junk
from the Ort Cloud

... the earth is indeed becoming a smaller place

... as our minds expand, the stage appears to become

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu