kill the bots

... things are getting pretty serious in the
fields of robotics

... it maybe that we humans, were just the first
step in evolution, we were just designed to build
the first robots, then we are to be discarded,
leaving the self-repairing robots in control
of earth

... it's very serious what can be done. Guns
on drones, exploding drones, robot soldiers,
robotic high-tech guardposts

... I don't think robots have souls,
so think of the ruthless behavior they
will display ... just like the Terminator,
no human soul

... so that brings me back to life actually
being nothing but suffering, interspersed with
brief periods of happiness,

... when we make believe that earth is like
heaven, totally oblivious to the Hell all
around us

... they say one day, all people will actually
work for a robot ... we clean their vents and
systems, polish their exteriors, and do all those
nasty battery changes

... why do we do it? Because the robots will
kill us if we don't :-(

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu