the ultimate purpose

... to a person trained by Western science,
the purpose of life is to transcend the
material world

... leave the world of the Higgs Boson Confinement
behind, and swim like a pod of spirit Killer Whales,
off, thru the cosmic seas, to our new homes

... there are many clues to the deepest truth,
like the fact that quite a few well trained
astrophysicists say that according the most
advanced theories, we (i.e concious entities),
can be looked at as multidimensional holographic
projections, originating from information
stored on the surface of the universe

... that's right, our conciousnesses and thoughts
all exist on the surface of the material world,
and we are just holographic projections into
the material world ... a hologram illuminated
by the spiritual light of the Supreme Conciousness,
Krishna, or God if you prefer

... so the ultimate purpose of life, is to figure
that out, then die, and get back to the Spirit

... dosn't sound too pleasant does it?

... earth isn't pleasant for most people, and
that's a shame

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu