the fourth order runge-kutta

... did you ever wonder, how do you zero in on a moving
target? The math for it is all worked out.

... but what if you and the moving target, are both
moving, in unpredictable manners? The math for
that has all been worked out.

... everything is being solved nowadays, with high
speed computers

... it won't be long before drone enthusiasts figure
out how to incorporate realtime autonomous computerized
drones, with super accurate flying.

... there probably will be invisible skyways,
above us, where drones fly in perfect paths, to
avoid collisions

... another interesting thing I saw today, was
how a football game was won by the luck brought
by the spinning of the earth, the Coriolis Effect

... it's approximately 1/2 inch per 50 yards,
at our latitudes, under perfect North-South conditions

... the spin of the earth, beneath my feet

... it reminds me of the old Moody Blues song, Om
the earth spins slowly round, far away a distant
sound, is with us everyday, can you hear the waters
say, Om

... can you feel the earth spin beneath your feet?

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu