being alive is suffering

... there is a key concept, that once
grasped, explains reality to you

... suffering is the source of conciousness on earth

... one suffers some problem in one of the senses,
and asks what is it? what awakes me from my dream?

... without that suffering we would lounge around
in prolonged dream states, feeling no pain no

... but with a human body, comes all sorts of
suffering built-in, right from the start

... thirst, hunger, cold, heat, predation, sickness,
unhappiness, etc., etc., etc.

... the buddhist says: everything is suffering

... the enlightened, recognize this fact, and
use this lifetime to learn how to transcend
the material world suffering

... some people, just want to forget

... the way I look at it, the suffering endured as
a human, is the birthing pain, of your entrance
to the heavens

... it's like a flower which blooms on earth,
but the blossoming seeds blow into the spirit world

... I think that is what the White Tara is all about

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu