Alas, Babylon

... the recent news about the Russians entering
the conflict in Syria, jogged my memory about
a book every highschool kid read back in my day,
called Alas, Babylon

... a nuclear war starts, after the US accidently
hits a Russian munitions train in Syria ... this
book was wriiten back in 1959!

... the book deals more with the survivors and
the aftermath of the nuclear blasts, rather than
on the geo-politics of it all

... the first big tip the book gives is:
as the biggest problem after the exchange,
is all the blind people,
who lost their sight if they were caught looking,
eyes open, in the direction of the blasts

... so, I'm losing some sleep at night, not
dreaming happy dreams

... maybe I shouldn't even listen to the news,
I would be alot happier, but more bored,

... the thought of imminent world wide decimation
gets my adrenaline going

... some astute Washington blogger wrote
that the US is going thru the same decline the
Hapsburg Empire went thru, leading to WW1

... corrupt bankers looting the system,
legally of course;
mercenary armies fighting foreign wars,
legally of course;
destroying the currency by printing too much of it
legally of course;
international assasinations,
legally of course;

... things could be worse, far worse, than current

... whatever comes, may you, the astute reader,

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu