sometimes, the US isn't the answer

... sometimes, the US isn't the answer

... I just heard a Harvard college professor say
that on NPR

... I guess you need to get to the PHd level before
you can see thru all the bullshit in the news and media,
and come to that realization

... the rest of us are just bullshited to death
by the mainstream media, about the glories of our
global domination

... but the truth is out there, and the planet is
becoming increasingly full of people who have
their own ideas on how they should run their lives,
and use their resources

... and they will fight you for the right to
control their own destinies ... fight to the death

... that's why the West is becoming it's own worst
enemy, it's people really don't want to die for
what they see as a giant conglomerate of corruption,
which is the inevitable end-state of capitalism

... our soldiers want contracts, healthcare, retirement plans, lawyers, etc., instead of just dying for the cause

... there is no retirement plan for the enemy, other than to
die an honorable death

... it was the same in the past, Gen. Smedley Butler
said that even back in 1935, the US military was used
mostly to enforce the will of our corporations on
foreign peoples

... it's also inevitable, that when a civilization,
such as ours, becomes too sucessful, then people
become fat-cat-couch-potatoes, afraid to die

... the children become cultured and sensitive
and contemplate the value of war, whether it is worth
dying in an armed conflict for some nebulous ideals

... but, heh, at least it's the weekend and the
sports is exciting

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu