illegal, immoral, and into the hidden mind

... I didn't know it, but the famed father
of modern advertising, Edward Bernais,
nephew of Sigmund Freud, was an instrumental
player in US coups in Central America,
back in the 1950's, especially in Guatemala
... he was minister of dis-information

... they dis-informationed us into
the Afgan and Iraq wars, too.

... ditto for Vietnam, and ditto for every
war earlier

... I mean, I have to agree with the Russians,
the Anglo/US empire is secretly trying to colonize
the entire planet

... I did have to ask myself if advanced space
aliens wanted tried to run the earth, the first
thing they would expect, is for there to be
a 1 World Government

... a single government which represents all
of earth, and more importantly controls it

... I think there are 2 ways to control the
peoples of earth. One is thru ruthless terror
and brutality; and Two is the rewards approach,
where we are rewarded with money, goods and
services, for doing the right thing, like
growing food and building shelters

... the politics about jobs is a bunch of
lies. There will never be full happy employment,
in fact, it is just the opposite trend.

... everything is heading for robotics,
and very soon, only 10% of the people will
be needed for jobs

... the rest of you stay home, where robot
driven cars will bring you food and supplies
right to your door

... and don't try to go anywhere, because
robot controlled drones and weaponized
robotic soldiers will be at all the street

... so what you going to do, when YOU,
a proud member of the 90%, are free to stay
home, and not have to work?

... Prabhupada says that the real
Aryan Civilization is one that teaches it's
citizens how to get back to God

... we, the sons and daughters of those expelled
from Eden, long,long ago

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu