the invisible world

... how does all this electronic stuff work?

... did you ever ask yourself that? Way down
deep inside, how does electricity make all
this stuff in the modern world work?

... after years of pursuing the question,
I've come to learn it is still quite like

... I mean, when you get down to the subatomic
level, things get strange, and the world dosn't
work the way we would project it would, based on
our macroscopic world mentality

... just imagine, finely controlled, and flowing
channels of energy, make this keypress and this
writing possible

... so what is electricity anyways? I suppose at
the most basic physical level, it means there is a
charge separation in space, one pole positive,
and one pole negative

... and energy flows like rivers, from one pole
to the other antipole, to reunite, positive and
negative, the ying and the yang, into a peaceful
oneness, called the ground state

... we as intelligent humans, can use this energy
as it flows in rivers toward it's ground state

... energy which is being used is called work

... I guess one might be able to claim a
sort of a zen observation on how it all works:

everything tends toward the ground state,

maybe as a corollary to the Second Law of Thermodynamics,
where everything tends toward absolute zero

... everything is affected, us, the earth, the sun,
the stars, the whole cosmic material creation

... the cool weather is setting back in, and
I'm certainly tending toward absolute zero

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu