picking up squaw wood

... if the mythical shit ever does hit the fan,
people will have to collect wood with machetes,
axes, and hachets

... there won't be any chain-saws, no fuel, no
spare parts

... a well written survival guide, projects
what would really happen if, the shit really hit the

... first, with loss of electricity, most elderly,
and sick, who need refrigerated medical supplies
and drugs, will die within 30 days ... surprisingly,
that is roughly 50% of all people.

... then, after 1 year, without refrigerated food,
and clean water supplies, a whopping 90% of the
population would be dead ... many from the age
old problems that come with crowded filthy camp
conditions, like typhus, all the mosquito born
illnesses, like malaria and yellow fever would
again become endemic

... so, to survive, you will need to collect
squaw wood, the wood collecting duties assigned
to women and children of the indigenous tribes

... squaw wood is the simple to collect wood:
either on the ground, or low dry dead branches

... but it is perfect size for a cooking fire, to
boil your water, and cook stew out of whatever
food you could scavenge

... that will be life for the survivors, after
the SHTF

... so, I say prayers everyday, to the god of the
electron, because all of this merry-go-round we call
life, depends on it flowing in the wires

... we are soooo fortunate to have such an electric
grid, so we don't need to collect squaw wood

... we continue on by the grace of God, because it is
on a precarious precipice, which we balance

... the entire electric grid could go away, so pray
it dosn't happen

... what a diiferent world it is without electricity

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu