seeing beyond the stars

... there is a misnomer in nomenclature sometimes,
when people use the term anti-material world

... it is better to say non-material world, meaning
it has no matter at all .... zero matter ... and
this is possibly the one place , where the term
zero does have a precise meaning, in orthogonal
dimensional set theory

... the term antimaterial world conjures up
thoughts of worlds of anti-particles, which are
still in the material world, but have a negative

... if the anti-material world touched ours, we
would both dissolve instantly into light

... if the the non-material world touched ours,
nothing would happen to us, other than us having
a great sense of pure conciousness

... so, the non-material world, is beyond both,
the material and anti-material worlds

... what is life like there? According to
Prabhupada, and Vedic scriptures, everything
is alive ... full of life energy ... nothing
ever dies there

... but, it is way beyond the stars, in another
more pure and pristine set of dimensions

... we all aspire to be there, whether we realize
it or not

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu