could have, would have, should have

... as you get on in years, you are more inclined
just to sit around contemplating things

... so then, there comes the could'of, should'of,
and would'of, regrets about our past descisions

... even still, one of the most nagging regrets
I still have, is a missed tackle, in a high school
football game, where I got sucked in on a tackle
trap, and couldn't make the tackle on a quick footed

... I was even warned by my linebacker, to not
let the opposing line man to get by, to block
my linebacker, as a trap was coming

... so, what did I do? I fall right into the trap,
came face to face with the ball carrier, but was
not thinking quick enough to grab him ... poof,
before I knew it, he side-stepped me and was gone

... I still see the instant in my mind, where
I could have nabbed him, but he got by

... we lost the game because of it

... in my favor, I always remember that I played
that game with a mild-concussion. Earlier in the
game, the same said running back head butted me
as I tackled him in an open field

... all I remember was the assistant coach
saying: Rung your bell eh, Joe? As I ran
off the field

... almost all the big lessons I learned, came
from my high school years, I did alot of stupid
things, and saw the consequences

... my mistakes from school, made who I am now

... as I heard somewhere: I made alot of wrong
turns along the way, but I still got here, where
I am supposed to be. :-)

... damn... that missed tackle still irks me. :-)

© 2015 by zentara
If it is the last word I write, let it be Vishnu